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Friday, November 13, 2015

November 2015 marks the fourth year of my marriage. To be honest, there were ups and downs. Too many downs if I want to be completely honest. But here I am, still married to the woman I adore the most and I'm very thankful for that.

My wife, Azim binti Mohammad Allaudin, is a very special woman. She's hardworking, passionate, smart and considerate. She takes care of our children very well. Not to mention, she's beautiful as heck.

But I haven't been showing much appreciation of what she is and what she has been doing for the family. I have been taking her for granted a bit. I guess I am just rather jaded. Life has taken its toll on me. I'm now often tired and grumpy and it has been showing in my actions and on my face. 

Honey, I'm so sorry for that. I know it's challenging for you to have me - the immature jerk - as your husband. But I'm not willing to give you up. I'm not willing to give us up. I'll change for the better. I'll grow up. Thank you so much for your patience. 

November 2015 also marks Ubaid's third life anniversary. He is now three! Well, not yet if you want to be too technical. His birthday will be on the 20th of November. 

Ubaid has grown to be this very smart, active and healthy kid. When I say active, I really mean active. He has been running around the house, climbing and jumping from the bed and sofas, rolling around on the floor and etc. 

Just last week he hurt his head falling from an electric toy motorcycle. The wound was very deep and he got three stitches for that. However, it doesn't stop him from being who he is. An hour after he was rushed to the hospital, he was back jumping on sofas and running around like nothing ever happened.

Many have said that Ubaid seems older that his age. Though he is 3 years old, he's been acting more like a five year old. The way he talks and the way he acts just don't portray that he's still a baby. You gotta spend time with him to really know what I'm saying.

Educating this big baby some manners is quite challenging. I think he is now in the process of figuring out what kind of person he wants to be and he is stuck between wanting to be a polite, well-behave little fella or a person with authority (the man in charge). Sometimes he's so sweet and some other times, he throw tantrums. 

I asked my wife once whether Ubaid behavior is normal and she assured me that other kids are also the same. We just need to be patient and try to handle his tantrums with kindness and affection. Being mad because this cute fella is angry will make things worse. So, keywords = patience, affection.

Uwais, Ubaid's little baby brother, is not going to just watch his brother having all the fun. At the age of 7 months old, Uwais now can sit and sort of crawl which is rather advanced compared to most babies. When we took him to Klinik Kesihatan Teluk Kemang for his scheduled vaccine shots last months, one of the nurses was quite shocked to see Uwais being able to lift his body on all fours and move forward. Just like his brother, this baby is strong and smart. 

It's exciting to see these two boys play with each other. My wife and I just can't wait to see how they would act when Uwais is much older. I bet it'll be fun for Ubaid to have a companion and a play mate. 

I can't help to feel blessed to be given such opportunity to be apart of this awesome family. What I have to do right now is up my game and be a better leader of the pack and a more passionate family man. 

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