Farm in the City

Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Thursday, my family and I went to Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan, Selangor. Basically this place is like a mini zoo or a petting zoo. You can find out about this place on their website and FB page

This is the entrance. My wife and I paid RM32 per person to enter but Ubaid and Uwais could go in for free for their individual heights were less than 90 cm. 

There were tortoises and turtles everywhere. Workers were present to give out kangkung leaves to visitors for them to feed the animals.

Strollers could be used in the park. There were routes that were stroller friendly. 




Deers and goats!!

Tangkap Ikan Dalam Longkang - Kids were allowed to catch small fish here.

Rabbits and Guinea pigs!!

There's a cafe inside for visitors to take a breather. They sold drinks and light food.

Fish, swan and duck feeding spot. Feeds were provided.

Toilets and hand wash basins were made available for visitors.


Porcupines! But they were sleeping when we're there. Pfft


A very soft and tame skunk!



Prairie dogs!

Pony rides!

Only kids who were higher than 90 cm were allowed to ride ponies. But the workers were kind enough to let Ubaid sit on one. 

Fennec Foxes!


Then before we head home, Ubaid rode a fake horse and Spiderman. Yeay!

All in all, this place is rather a good place for parents to bring their kids. The place was very well maintained. I didn't smell any poop at all when I was there. I love that they made it stroller friendly. The animals were also well groomed ( I think ). The staff were rather helpful and friendly. Definitely will come again next time.

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