Muhammad Uwais

Monday, June 01, 2015

Announcing the arrival of the new addition to my family - my baby boy, Muhammad Uwais. Yeah yeah, I know, Ubaid and Uwais. Double U. No, we didn't plan on naming all of our kids with names starting with the letter U. My mother in law suggested the name Uwais. When I first heard it, it just clicked. 

The origin / meaning of the name Uwais = Uwais al-Qarani

According to some, Uwais means "orang yang doanya dimakbulkan" - the person whose prayers are answered - and "orang yang terkenal di langit" - the person who is well known in heaven (for all the good he did). 

Uwais was born on 19th of April 2015. 

Wife told me, "Beranakkan Uwais ni baru la rasa betul-betul seksa bersalin (normal)". It's no wonder because Uwais was 3kg when he came out to this world. Berat! 

We're so thankful and glad that he's healthy. 

Ubaid seems to like his baby brother so much. He can't keep his hands off of him.

Another baby equals to double the challenge. Uwais is growing healthily and rapidly (he breastfeed a lot) and now (1st June 2015) weighs around 4.7kg. That's 1.7kg in less than two months. 

Grow fast my baby! I can't wait to see this guy learn new tricks just like his brother. 

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