Serabei Cafe

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last weekend, my beautiful wife, kid and I went to lunch at Serabei Cafe which is located at Putrajaya. 

The area of which the cafe is located - Ayer@8 - is a bit hidden. We used a GPS to track the cafe. You can find out about the location and read more details about the cafe at Serabei's Facebook page.

The cafe is rather small with limited seats but the setting is quite nice. I particularly like the counter area in the picture above. Lit up chalkboards - cool idea. 

Serabei serves mainly local Malay food like nasi kerabu, nasi dagang, nasi beriyani and a few sorts of traditional kuihs like lompat tikam and serabei. A few western dishes are also available such as meatball spaghetti and ice cream sundae.

I ordered the nasi kerabu chilli crab while my wife got herself laksam. 

Whereas, for desert, we ordered the lompat tikam.

Presentation wise, I say that the dishes were served beautifully. Just look at the chilli crab. One whole crab! Wow. 

The taste of the nasi kerabu and laksam were not bad. I mean, they're good but not great enough to make you want to scream "I want more!!". You get what I mean? The chilli crab lacked heat. 

The lompat tikam on the other hand was rather heavenly. A great desert. Yum yum.

All in all, in my opinion, Serabei Cafe is an interesting place to eat mainly because of the food's awesome and unique presentation. Taste wise, still got some room for improvement. Well, that's my thought. You all should go and try it yourselves!

Now, I would like to end this post by leaving some pictures of my wife and Ubaid here.

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