Interstellar (2014)

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The earth was dying. Humanity was at stake. Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a former NASA pilot, was 'chosen' to join NASA's Lazarus Project to find a new habitable world for mankind. 

I was late to the party. Due to work and family commitment, I thought I wouldn't be able to catch this movie on the big screen. However, my wife and kid flew to Langkawi on the 25th of December and that gave me the chance to finally step into the cinemas once more after what it seemed like forever. Fortunately, there was one more cinema showing Interstellar at that time and it was the One Cinemas at Spectrum Mall, Ampang. I drove from Balakong to the mall for half an hour. That was how desperate I was to watch this movie. I had to see it. People were rambling about it being the movie of the year. I freakin' had to see it. 

Funny story. The first and only showing for that particular day was at 10.00 am. I arrived at the ticket counter at 10.05 am. The funny (and a bit nerve wrecking) thing was, the internet was down so the ticket purchasing system couldn't be accessed. I thought, "Owh well, it was all for nothing. Drove all that way for nothing". Luckily, the ticket attendant could sense the desperation (there were two other people who drove so far to see Interstellar and one person took the bus from KLCC to watch Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1) and came out with an alternative. 

Manually written ticket! Aahhaha. Win win win. 

Okey, let's move on to my thoughts on the movie. 

This movie is awesome and Nolan is freakin' genius! A few weeks before, I watched a documentary on supermassive black holes on Youtube. The documentary was about 40 minutes long and I watched it from start to finish because I love space and sciency stuff. I don't fully understand the concepts and theories but the visuals were captivating for me. 

I got the same feeling when I was watching Interstellar. This movie is like part story or fiction and part documentary. And the graphics... owh damn, the graphics. The visuals were so damn beautiful. So much better than the ones in the Youtube documentary. 

Watching the documentary beforehand helped so much too. When the characters explained all the science stuff, I could grasp them and couldn't help but felt a bit smart. 

Alright, to be more specific, this movie is awesome because one, the graphics were beautiful and so detailed. Amazeballs! Two, the storyline is... damn sakit kepala macam tengok Inception juga. No, Interstellar's storyline is more complex that Inception's. It's so complex that I was at awed with the writers' ability to able to figure out such masterpiece. Kudos to the people who created the story. Kudos. Three, the actors and actresses did a very good job. What do you expect from award winning actors eh? 

The concept of time and space continuum blew my mind. I've heard of the theory before - you age slowly when you're in space - but to see the result with my eyes, wow. Mind blown. Then, the black hole scene... ... ... it left me speechless man. I love this movie. 

My only regret about this movie is I didn't have the chance to catch it on IMAX. It's beautifully made. The story, the graphics, the suspense. Damn. It's true what people have been saying. This movie is the movie of the year 2014. 

ps: those Minecraft like robots? Love them. Brilliant concept.

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