Hoodies (Zalora Promo)

Monday, December 22, 2014


Men probably are seen by women as not having much interest in fashion but that thinking is definitely wrong. Nowadays, men are always waiting on the latest fashion trends of apparel, shoes and accessories to add into their closet. One of the top choices of clothing all man must have in their wardrobe is hoodies. However, what are the types of hoodies which should be owned by men (at least one)? The first hoodie for any men to own this season is the simple zipper detail hoodie. Hoodies are loved by men as they serve as the best option for men to spice up their outfit without putting into much fuss. Men can layer the zipper hoodies on top of a singlet or tee with the zipper down to create a stylish casual appearance.

Meanwhile, men who prefer a more edgy type of look should opt for a printed design hoodie. Men can select from the various printed hoodies designs available in the market and slip it on as a substitute t-shirt. The colours and graphics printed on the hoodies will surely add a certain boyish yet tough edge to a man’s character.

The third hoodie which men should consider purchasing is the denim fabric hoodie. Denim will never go out of style and men can flaunt it casually around town with confidence. Unleash the college boy side you have deep down and flashback the school memories while looking dashingly handsome in them. Match it with Bermuda shorts or even sweatpants for a complete effortless look. 

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