I Walked the Beach

Friday, November 28, 2014

In the previous post, I mentioned that I was living at a resort. Well, I wasn't kidding. 

This is where I'm renting. Ocean View Resort. It's very near to my workplace, Politeknik Port Dickson. I'm renting a studio apartment. It's quite cosy. There's 24 hour security (guards monitor those who come in and out), there's a swimming pool (lovely!), a beach soccer court, a tennis court (a sad looking one) and elevators (thank God). The rent is only RM400 per month. 

It's very near to the beach - Pantai Purnama. I like to refer it as pantai belakang rumah because it's located literally at the back of Ocean View Resort (OVR). 

This is the view from behind the back gate of OVR. The road leads straight to the beach.

Yesterday, my wife and kid were away. Wifey has class every Thursday at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, Selangor. When she goes to class, her mother takes care of Ubaid. I took that chance to explore the beach. 

On weekdays, there are usually less tourists around. Yesterday, the beach was almost empty. It was very calming and peaceful. See the picture above? Only my set of footprints is there.

The above picture shows water flowing from drains into the sea. This part of the beach is sad to look at for me. It's quite smelly. Bau air longkang. :-( Luckily, there are only a few of these drains, so most parts of the beach are stink and air longkang free.

A couple of pics above are Thistle. It's a huge and beautiful looking resort. Seems quite luxurious.

SWAT Camp rope course.

An army base. No pics allowed. The base seems beautiful and clean. The buildings are all white. Too bad I couldn't snap pics of the buildings.

At this point, I'd walked for almost 45 minutes but forced to walk back because it's getting dark. Next time, I'll get pass those rocks and continue walking.

AWwwwWww... Semoga berbahagia Fifi & Alif... whoever you are.

Back to Thistle again. There's a nice looking restaurant or cafe. Maybe I'll stop by one day to have a meal or two.

I'm loving the beach so much. The water is shallow, so Ubaid can play without me worrying much. There are also spaces for barbecue and camping. Port Dickson beaches certainly lives up to its reputation. So beautiful and calming. Kawan-kawan, jom datang! Kita barbecue! 

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