Melaka Trip

Sunday, February 23, 2014

On 24th January 2014, me, wifey & Ubaid took a short trip to Melaka before going back to Terengganu. We went there by car, departing from Cheras at around 10 o'clock & arrived at 12 noon. 

The first that we did was eat! No, not exactly... The first thing that we did was find a hotel to stay for a night. Then we ate!

We had our lunch at Jonker 88. The house of the finest asam laksa & curry mee at Jonker Street.

Stuffed tofu & clear soup for Ubaid, asam laksa for wifey & Kuew Tiau kari for me. The food was delicious! Though there was no baby chair available, so I had to hold Ubaid.  

Of course, we also had baba cendols! Mine was the regular cendol while wifey's was Durian cendol. The liquid brown sugar or gula Melaka was so thick. Delicious!

The place was not so crowded when we came in. But after just a few minutes, suddenly it became full. We shared our table with an Indian couple.

Besides the food, what's interesting about Jonker 88 was the interior decoration. It's rustic & sort of historical. There were so many antiques & old stuff. It's like a museum inside a restaurant.

Next, we went jalan-jalan. I noticed there's a boutique selling Marvel merchandise. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the store but they did sell neat, awesome superhero shirts.

We stayed at Hotel Puri at Jonker Street. It's a very beautiful hotel. This is our room. It's a simple room, but very homey.

In front of the hotel, there's a huge white building. Hotel security / door man told us that it's actually a family house. Though it's more like a family shrine. 

We also went to Calanthe Bistro. It used to be our frequent stop for chocolate brownies. The interior decoration in this place is very interesting & artistic.

Ubaid slept on my lap. Yes, those below are the pictures of me & Ubaid at the Calanthe Bistro. Looks pretty homey for a bistro, huh? 

By the way, Calanthe Bistro is also known as 13 States Coffee house.

They served chocolate brownies with bananas & ice cream. It's so damn yummy.

At night, we had dinner with our friend Ili & her mom. They took us to an ikan bakar place. Sort of forgot to take pictures of that place. 

Next morning, the hotel provided us breakfast. We had our meal at a beautiful open section of the hotel. It's so nice to eat at that place. Other hotel guests were also friendly to us.

Pictures below show the interior of Hotel Puri.

This is me trying to make Ubaid pose for the camera.

Spin the baby!

Come to mama!

We spent the afternoon at Dataran Pahlawan. We planned on having pizza at US Pizza for lunch. Kinda disappointed to learn that the place got replaced by Papa John's. 

Wifey spent her time at Thai Wadee massage place at Dataran Pahlawan while me & Ubaid went exploring. It's been two years since I left Melaka. There were so many changes to that place. Well, first of all, Dataran Pahlawan had a new look. Second, Hatten Square had become a proper hotel. Then, there were so many new outlets in both Dataran Pahlawan & Mahkota Parade.

Pictures below are the front view of Hotel Puri.

Before we went home, we went sight seeing around Jonker Street.

Had desert at Limau Limau Cafe. The pancakes were so heavenly.

This is Masjid Tengkera. A very nice looking mosque. The design was baba nyonya influenced.

Below is a monument at Jonker Stree. A large ship. Probably symbolising the Chinese influence of Jonker & good wealth. After all, it was a few more days before Chinese New Year.

We met these pendekars at Jonker Street. They're distributing flyers & inviting people to come to a teather show. 

The trip, though quite short, was so much fun & we plan on doing it again whenever we had the chance. It's good for me & wifey to reminiscence our countless sweet moments there. So many things had changed. I hope they won't change Jonker Street too much. Just let it stay the way it is. Rustic, old & lively.

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