Kami Histeria (2014)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five friends, Laila (Diana Danielle), Bad (Sara Ali), Peanut (Nad Zainal), Jojo (Umie Omar) & Airin (Mila Jirin) were members of an indie band named Histeria. They moved into a very cheap flat house. Of course, the house was rented cheap for a couple of reasons... One: It's a disgusting & dirty place to stay. Two: It came free with mystic / paranormal disturbance. However, the girls cleverly took opportunity on the disturbance to make a name for themselves in the music arena. Though, the fame came with a price... 

Now, I'm not really a fan of Malay movies simply because most of them sucks... but a friend of mine, Mamu, tempted me to watch this one with his review

A majority of Malay movies rely so much on stupid slapstick & ridiculous story line. However, Kami Histeria, like Mamu said, is a normal movie with a good story. 

What I mean by normal is that there are no spastic & retarded ways of talking. No typical 'raja lawak Malaysia' style.

I love the story. It's fun. It's so refreshing. There are a few twists in it, though the thing I love the most about it is it's kinda logical. It can happen to anyone. NORMAL. Believable. 

The jokes are also subtle. Love it.

One of the strengths of this movie absolutely lies on the main characters. The five girls. I love the way their personalities differ from each other. Peanut with her silence. Airin the drama queen, the princess. Jojo the tomboy gamer. Bad the trouble child. Laila the matured one, the leader. 

I really like Peanut. 

In terms of acting & performances, the girls did a rather good job. Not overwhelmingly good though. Just good. Normal. They successfully portray how normal nowadays college girls would act. 

I really like to stress on normal, huh?

Apart from that, this movie is very well edited. I love the scenes when the girls play music. They're like music videos. Special effects is also good. Not overwhelming good, but it's better than cheap effects from most Malay movies. 

Speaking of music, hmm... I would love to get my hands of the soundtrack album because the scores really sound good. 

Okey, to conclude, if you read the above paragraphs, by now you've already guess the things that I'm stressing about this movie. It's damn believable & normal (which is damn good for a Malay movie). It's also a fun one to watch. The music's good. Thus, this is a good movie. I like it very much. 

We need more movies like this. Movie with well thought of stories. We have enough of the stupid lawak Malaysia thing. 

4 out of 5 stars.

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