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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sometimes we notice when people are staring at us... If that sense could be trained, honed to its maximum potential, we would be able to detect snipers from afar. 

Sometimes we say the things that we never meant to say out loud. We wanted to just think about it but the words just accidentally come out from our mouths... What if the same case could happen with actions? For instance, we intended to punch someone in the throat only in our heads but we end up punching him/her in the throat for real.

What if we're seeing different colors but we call them by the same name? Things that are blue for my eyes could be green in your eyes... but because we can't literally see things from other people's eyes, we never knew that we're seeing different colors.

Can babies understand each other's speech? 

I wonder how humans discovered rice... 

I wonder if there's a mind reader out there... Better not think about ridiculous stuff. Just in case. 

I can move my arms without even thinking about it... My body's amazing. Definitely a wonderland. 

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