Dude, That's Creepy

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Almost every week, I take a bus to Kajang on Thursday night to be with my wifey & baby Ubaid at Cheras & then head back to Dungun also by bus on Saturday night. This travelling thing has been sort of a routine for me but I'm not here to tell you about that. 

I'm here to tell you about how some people (particularly strangers) can be really really creepy. 

Taking a bus to Dungun yesterday night, I arrived at Paka at around 3.30 am today. As usual, I got off the bus at a bus stop near Simpang Santung. 

Though the bus stop is just beside the main road, it's quite lonely during this kind of hour. The nearest light sources were from a row of shops behind it & some lamp posts about 700 meters away. It was not dark, but quite dim. Bak kata orang, lighting dia agak romantik la...

My house is located around 30 minutes away from that bus stop, so I had to wait for a while for my dad to fetch me. 

As I was waiting, I noticed there was someone watching me through a window of a rumah kedai. I can't determined the gender of the person because his/her hair was short but his/her arms seemed girly.

That's not the creepy part. In fact, at that moment, I welcomed his/her 'company'.

The creepy part was when an old (sort of) neon green Proton Saga passed in front of the bus stop very slowly & I could see the driver staring at me.

Vroom vroom... The engine was very loud.

After a few minutes, the same car passed by again very slowly & the driver was still staring at me...

Vroom vroom... Vroom...

It crept me out. I thought, "Okey, this is how I die. Being stabbed by a stranger riding a very ugly neon green poorly modified Proton Saga".

As expected, after a few minutes, the very same car appeared again but instead of passing by, it slowed down & stopped in front of the bus stop.


I started thinking about things to do to save myself in case I was attacked. I also considered the fact that maybe the driver was picking someone up & was circling around in his car to see if the person has arrived or not.

I wanted to take precautions but at the same time didn't want to overreact & offend the driver... Does it make sense?

The driver got out from his car & turned off the engine.

"That's good, huh? That means he's not gonna stab me & right away make a getaway with all of my belongings", I thought.

As he approached the bus stop, I got up & went to the trash can & pretended to be throwing away stuff... By standing near the trash can, it would be easier for me to run away from him if he decided to attack.

Creepy thing he did was he followed me.


He walked towards the trash can & stood very close to me. Very... very close. I could hear him breathing.

Fuck fuck fuck.

Up close, in the dim light, I could see that he's an old dude. His face was very scruffy & wrinkly. He wore a jacket over a blue t-shirt, worn out blue jeans & slippers. His hands were in the pockets of his jacket. Damn, he could be hiding a knife... or a gun.

"Dari mana?", he asked with a rough voice.

"Dari KL."

"Ada orang datang ambil ke?"

"Ya... Kejap lagi sampai la tu..."


"Rumah kat mana?"

"Kat Kerteh 4".

"... .... ....... Dekat dengan rumah Mat Kori?"

"Ermm... Tak. Jauh sikit."

"Saya pun duduk Kerteh 4... Rumah dekat kubur".

Wow... Kubur... This guy really knows how to make an impression.

Fortunately, Abah finally arrived. With haste, I went inside the car. The guy went to sat at the bus stop.

Abah noticed him & rolled down a window to greet him. Turned out that he's a friend of Abah.

Gosh, I was sweating because he's damn creepy. First with the circling around in his car, then the way he stood so damn close to me. Dude, what a way to scare people. Distance! Distance! Respect the privacy circle, man! 

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