Sunday, November 10, 2013

I stumbled upon Claymore a long time ago but I stopped reading it after a few chapters because it wasn't that interesting for me... Only recently I continued reading it because it has been getting many good reviews from manga readers. 

To my surprise, the manga got better & better in terms of story, character development & artwork. 

This manga is about a group of female fighters called Claymores fighting demonic & powerful creatures called Yoma. Claymore warriors were half human & half Yoma hybrids, created & trained by a mysterious Yoma killing agency named The Organization. 

The name Claymore was given to the warriors by commoners as all of them wielded huge double edged claymores as weapon.


The main character of this manga is Clare, The Organization's last ranked warrior... Instead of being a half human, half Yoma, she's a quarter Yoma & three quarter human. 

Okey, now, as I mentioned before, I initially didn't like this manga because at the beginning, the story was quite boring & draggy... Things got more interesting at the manga's second arc - when a powerful warrior named Teresa crossed swords with other fellow warriors for the sake of a little girl named Clare. Yes, Clare the protagonist. The second arc serves as an origin story for Clare. 

When more & more warriors came to behead Teresa for disobeying The Organization's rules, more interesting fights & claymore wielding techniques were showcased. 

Teresa of the Faint Smile

The manga arcs got more & more exciting when Awakened Beings were introduced. Awakened Beings were former warriors who misused or couldn't control their Yoma abilities & turned into full awakened Yomas but with greater magnitude of powers.

The most powerful Awakened Beings were called the Abyssal Ones or The Creatures of the Abyss. They were most powerful because before the awakening, they were The Organization's number 1 warriors of their time. 

Isley of the North 

 Luciela of the South

Riful of the West

Roxanne of Love & Hate

Dust Eater Cassandra

Flowing Hyteria

I am very impressed with the manga's improvement & would like to take this opportunity to congratulate & praise the mangaka, Norihiro Yagi. 

However, one thing that I would like to complain is sometimes it's quite hard to differentiate one Claymore warrior to the other particularly because most of them had almost the same features. 

When female warriors became Claymores, their eyes turned silver & their hair turned blond. All warriors wore the same outfit & wielded claymores of the same shape. They're also very skinny. The most distinctive feature about the warriors is the variety of their hairstyle. 

Therefore, sometimes I got confused & mistaken a warrior for another. 

For those who haven't read but plan on reading it in the future, I would like to suggest that you persist on reading the first story arc even though it sucks. Trust me, it'll be worth it because it'll get better & better. 

I also would like to warn you that you'll be seeing bare boobs. There are also blood & gore. Definitely 18SX. 

Owh, and Claymore is a battle / action manga. So, most of the interesting parts are about battles. Enjoy!

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