1 Year Old

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When wifey was pregnant with Ubaid, after every prayer, we recited doa & asked from Allah for "anak yang soleh atau solehah, anak yang sihat, dan anak yang taat." 

We didn't care whether if the baby inside was a he or a she... What we asked for was that he or she would always be healthy & kind. 

Alhamdulillah... I think Allah heard us because Ubaid is so strong & happy. Even though sometimes he got ill, he always managed to recover & play happily. 

He's also quite easy to take care of... Yes, he's a baby, so he requires so much attention. But he's a good boy. Sometimes he lets his mama rest by playing alone. Sometimes when mama is sleeping, he just lie still & watch mama sleeps. 

Look at his smiles! To wake up seeing that kind of smile surely makes a person's day.

I can't imagine a world without our cute little baby.

We love you Ubaid!

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