Avril Lavinge by Avril Lavigne

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It seems that things have been going great for one of my favorite star, Avril Ramona Lavigne. She got married to rocker Chad Kroeger, the lead of Nickelback on July 1st & have just released her self titled album recently. 

As opposed to Avril's previous album, Goodbye Lullaby, which is pretty mellow & romantic, her latest one is fun & happy.

The theme of the album is staying young & happy, reminiscence of happy teenage moments. Songs like Rock n Roll, Here's to Never Growing Up, 17, Bitchin' Summer, Bad Girl & You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet are all very fun to listen to & put me in a good, lively mood.

Because of that, I think the cover doesn't really reflect the album. It's should be replaced with a more cheerful cover, reflecting how young hearted & wild Avril really is.

Among the tracks mentioned earlier, I think I like You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet the most because of Avril's beautiful runs at the second verse. "Yeah yeahhh not yet~ Yeah yeahhh not yet~ Yeah yeahhhhh not yet~"... I love it!

Bad Girl is also one of my favorites because it rocks! Marilyn Manson is featured in it! MARILYN freakin' MANSON. It's not as disturbed as most of Marilyn's songs but the rock n roll sound is there.

Well, not all of tracks are happy go lucky sort of songs. There are other genres also. Avril tried to mix it up this time, making her music more interesting to listen to.

My other favorite track is Give You What You Like. Listening to this one made me imagine myself being at a gloomy, lonely bar, sipping whiskey with a love interest... or having sex in a dark room lightened only by blinking colorful neon lights from a liquor store across the street. Yeah. That's it.

Besides that, Avril also experiments with techno in the track Hello Kitty. This can be considered as a tribute to her Japanese fans. "Mina Saiko! Arigato! Ka ka ka kawaii!!"... I like this track because it adds variety to the album. It's quite refreshing & cute.

Hello Heartache is also quite intriguing to listen to because of the eerie background sound. "La lalalala lala"... You gotta listen to it yourself to get what I mean.

Avril also paired up with dear rockstar hubby, Chad to come up with Let Me Go. In my opinion, it's quite mediocre compared to my favorites. I love the instrumental sound though. It makes me imagine myself standing at the edge of a canyon, being epic.

Avril ends the album with a couple of slow paced, mellowdramatic songs. Falling Fast & Hush Hush are my least favorite but these two still pass as good songs.

All in all, Avril's self titled album is very fun & perfect for those who wanna stay young, foolish, rebellious & happy. Avril also experiments a bit with her music, making the album more diversed in terms of genre.

I would like to say that despite her saying that she's still rock n roll, she's actually more of a pop artist. Don't you agree? Love her though!

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