Masks in Movies

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Masks are used in movies to hide identities, disfigurements or plainly to look badass... Whatever the reasons are, many masks used in movies are now so iconic & cool... Here are some of my favorite masks in movies!


Whether they're from the remakes or original, masks made of human skins are freaky!!

Jason Voorhess

One of the most favorite horror masks in the movie world! A hockey mask looks ordinary unless worn by chainsaw wielding Jason!


If you see a person wearing this mask while holding a knife, you better SCREAM!


Seriously, would you want to play a game with a person wearing this mask?


Low budget movie with bad reviews... But damn the mask is scary!

V - Guy Fawkes

A very iconic mask that is now used as a symbol of rebellion!

Star Wars

Nerds all over the world's must haves!! Erm, yeah, technically, they're helmets...

Darth Vader 


Bobba Fett


The coolest battle alien ever!

Honorable mentions:

Masks in The Town (2010)

Hannibal Lecter's in The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Any other notable masks worth mentioning?

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