Be Alarmed

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

This morning, my alarm clock failed to wake me up... Well, actually, my alarm clock is my handphone... Luckily, my dad woke me up for Subuh prayer... This got me thinking, is there any alarm clock out there that's truly effective in waking up people? 

Well, I Googled... 

Money Shredding Alarm Clock

If you don't wake up, it will shred your money... Only works if you're poor... 

Rocket Alarm Clock 

When it's time, the rocket will launch... In order for you to stop the alarm, you must find the rocket and place it back on the launch pad... Make sure you don't aim the rocket at yourself...

Rug Alarm Clock 

Place your feet to the rug to turn off alarm...

Hide and Seek Alarm Clock

It will run from you!

Grenade Alarm Clock

This is for you to wake up your kids / siblings / roommates... Pull the pin and throw it into their room and hear it explode! 

Danger Bomb Alarm Clock

You know the typical bomb disarming scenes in movie where the heroes must cut the right wire to prevent bomb from going kaboom? Yeah... This clock will give you clues on which wire to disconnect... 

Glo Pillow

Instead of emitting sound, it'll glow!

Vibrator Alarm Clock 

This is only for the ladies... Yes, vibrator... Yes, put it in your panties... Good moaning!

Shape Up Alarm Clock

Shaped like a dumbbell, do 30 reps to turn off the alarm...

Anti Sleep Alarm

Hook it on your ear, it will go off if your head tilts 30 degrees or more... Perfect for studying and driving...

Finger Dance Alarm Clock

Put those fingers to work! Dance Dance Dance! 

No Snooze Alarm Clock

This is the cruelest... No snooze button, you must lift a strap, twist it for 90 seconds... Twist it too slow, you have to start again... Stop midway, start again... The batteries are built-in, so you can't pull them out...

Water Spray Alarm Clock

Prepare a towel...

Blender Alarm Clock


Sonic Boom with Super Shaker

This alarm is so loud, it will also wake your neighbors... 

When I was studying at UiTM Lendu, I had a roommate once who left his alarm clock locked up in his closet while he went home to Johor... Yes Ridhwan, it's you... The alarm went off and I couldn't kill it because the closet was locked... It rang for hours until the batteries died... Luckily the sound was muffled by the wooden closet... 

Ridhwan was pretty immune to his own alarm clock... We slept in different rooms after we moved in to a rental house while studying at UiTM Kampus Bandaraya Melaka... His alarm clock was often heard by me and other housemates from his room... The alarm didn't wake him though, us knocking on his door did... 

Maybe Ridhwan needs one of those above :-P

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