Sunday, April 22, 2012

My first car accident and I wasn't even driving... I drove my wife to the clinic and parked the car just a few metres away... While we were waiting for our turn to see the doctor, suddenly, an old man appeared and shouted from the outside, "Kereta Persona hitam siapa yang parking kat luar? Dah bergerak ke bawah dah tu! Langgar pagar!!"

I immediately raced to the parking spot followed by my wife... The car wasn't at the spot I parked it... Apparently, I didn't pull the handbrake hard enough and on its own, the car moved from the spot, crossed the road and hit a concrete wall... 

Luckily, no one got hurt... The road had little traffic and the ones who witnessed the spooky incident managed to clear the path... They described it to me, "Macam kereta hantu!! Tiada orang di dalam!" 

The car, on the other hand, suffered a little bit of damaged on its rear... The back bumper cracked and needed to be changed... 

Yes, it was not my car... It's my dad's... Don't worry dad, I'll pay for it... :-)

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