The Darkest Hour 3D (2011)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I love alien invasion movies basically not because I have an odd fascination on extraterrestrial (ET) beings but simply because I love war movies... Well, the battle between alien forces and humans is still considered as war right? 

Upon seeing the trailer, I kept my optimism high and hoped that this movie would sort of be like Cloverfield which one of my favorite picks since both are focusing on the civilians and not the army... I guess that's why I even opted for the 3D showing... A grave mistake...


5 young people, Sean (Emile Hirsch), Ben (Max Minghella), Natalie (Olivia Thirlby), Anne (Rachael Taylor) and Skyler (Joel Kinnaman), came to Moscow in search for new hopes and dreams... However, after a series of events, they found themselves stranded at a foreign land, hiding and fighting for survival against a unit of invisible and advanced alien armies... 


Cool Invasion Concept

Instead of just mindlessly attacking the human kind with fire and burn everything to the ground, the aliens hide themselves in invisible armor and torch every living thing first before harvesting earth's resources... That's a really creative idea and definitely something new...

Even the ways to detect the aliens are cool... Using light bulbs at night and phones during the day...


Too Much of Explaining

The producers underestimate the audience and treat them like dumb people by letting the characters explain so much about what's happening and what they're doing... It's really annoying... The producers should've focused more on emotions and panic by making more scenes like the police car scene when they first discover how to detect those aliens... Besides that, try making it more suspenseful by making silent scenes last longer...

Definitely Not Meant for 3D

The picture was dimmed by the 3D effects and therefore, audience had to squint their eyes to have a better look at the picture... Besides that, it's clear that this movie wasn't meant to be turned into a 3D movie since there are so little 3D effects that I could see... The only eye piercing experience I had was when the aliens' shield got damaged and explode... 


All characters didn't stand out... They're all... just ordinary (a less offensive word for "boring")... I didn't feel any emotions showing... The only touching moment for me was when Ben... died... Sorry for the spoiler... I was startled when Ben was killed because it's kinda unpredictable...

Heck, even the Russian patriots do not look as bad-ass as they should... I always imagive Russians as ruthless monsters... Me iz disappointed...

Lame Last Battle

There's no climatic battle... Hmm... Actually, there is, but I refuse to acknowledge it since it's just lame... Not much drama... The producers thought that by jamming the weapon, audience shall be intrigued... However, it's quite predictable... I've seen it in so many movies... Weapon got jammed and by the time the enemy's close by, it suddenly work...


The concept on the movie is something new and interesting... However, the producers fail to impress because the plot is rather lame and the actors didn't stand out at all... This movie is boring...

1.5 out of 5 stars...

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  1. best ni...baru semalam tengok!!

  2. Bagi saya tak best :-P

    Nampaknya lain orang, lain taste dia :-D

  3. I'm a little on the fence about this movie. It could be good, but there's that Hollywood disease of trying to make every movie as accessible to as many audience as possible.

    ... I'll wait for tomorrow then.

  4. Thank you for the horrible rating!

    I went with a friend and she kept saying how this movie was very good, and all the while I was thinking that it's crap. So I'm glad someone thought the same as I do, too. Lol.