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Monday, November 28, 2011


The wedding reception at my house in Terengganu happened last Saturday and the crowd who came were more than my parents estimated... Mom and dad thought that less people would come since it's the raining season and it has been pouring for days... However, people kept on coming from afternoon til night... 

I was a bit sad to see non of my friends from school came but serves me right for not being a good friend... I've kinda lost contact with all of them since I spent most of my time before this being in Melaka...  Now that I'm staying in Terengganu, I'll make sure to reconnect with them and also to keep the bond I have with my friends in Melaka... 

Anyway, what cheered me up the most on that day was the arrival of my best friend Ridhwan! He came!! and he brought Epul (the human GPS) and Cedric with him... Thanks guys for coming :-) I appreciate it... and I know u guys appreciated the free meal :-P

I owe it big time to mom and dad for making most of the preparations for the reception... They started preparing months ago... They took care of the invitation cards and delivered them to friends and relatives, they book the tent for the day, they bought the cows, they did everything... I love them so much and I feel so lucky to have such loving and supporting parents...

On the day of the reception, two cows were brought down and cooked... With the help of my family members and close neighbors, the gulai daging, acar timun, ayam goreng, bubur barli dan jagung, kerabu perut and air sirap were made just in time and they were awesomely yummy... The bubur was a hit... 

The reception was referred as Majlis Menyambut Menantu and so, most of the guest (especially the women) wanted to see and get to know the bride... Mom set up a meeting place for them to do that and it's sort of a pelamin... At this meeting place, the bride waited for the guest to come and greeted them... During the reception at her place, my wifey walked around and greeted the guest but for this one, she was required to sit down and the guest would come to her... It's indeed a new experience for her (and for me also...)

The ceremony was beautiful and I would like to thank everyone who came and helped... Thank u dear family members especially mom and dad... Thank u dear friends... Thank u helpful neighbors... Pray that our marriage would last until death tear us apart :-)

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I'm Married

Pictures taken from Ridhwan's wall :-P

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  1. Love every second of my trip there. Will do it again, InsyaAllah. But next time gonna go by flight.

  2. Eh cool laa pengantin duduk cantek2 and org datang interview! Awesome! I like that!