Mind Blogging

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I usually write all of my movie reviews in my mind during watching before putting the words on paper or typing them... I would refer it as "Mind blogging"... I've developed it some time after I started writing stuff about movies and reading other people's reviews... Sometimes this mind blogging can be a distraction though... I won't be able to focus on watching if I think of what to write too much... 

Actually I don't just mind blog while watching movies... I also do it every time something interesting happen to me and feel like writing them down in my blog... For example, when I saw a cute kitten being washed away in a drain and I saved it, I would mind blog about the sequence of events, and suitable words to use to make the entry that I would type later interesting... Besides being a distraction, it's tiring... To think of what words to use and all that stuff, It's mentally tiring... and I would keep mind blogging about the same thing until I've written it down and post it as an entry... I've been mind blogging about this particular entry for days now... 

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  1. haha! i do that all the time. tapi aku tak penah nak tulis dalam blog. pikir je bende nye. hehe.