Going Bananas

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Pisang emas dibawa berlayar, 
Masak sebiji di atas peti, 
Hutang emas boleh dibayar, 
Hutang budi dibawa mati..."

Lately, I've been having so many bananas at work because my colleagues keep bringing them... While eating most of them, I wonder, how do we actually plant banana trees? They have no seeds... So, can we plant them using the stem or leaf? or is it the heart? My dad grows many banana trees at the backyard of our house in Terengganu but I never ever saw how he usually do it... That's how ignorant I was...

Therefore, I Googled "How to Plant Banana Trees..."

 Things you'll need to grow a banana tree :

A leaf from Banana Tree(or a baby Banana Tree)
Sunny Location
  1. Obtain a leaf from a Banana Tree or a baby tree... Make sure the leaves look healthy not yellow or wilted...
  2. Plant the leaf or baby plant in the ground with a mixture of soil and sand... The sand helps hold water for the Banana Tree... If you live in a climate that doesn't have sand in the soil the tree will still grow fine... Throughly water with a light fertilizer mixture... In very warm climates the Banana Tree will need to be watered once a day... 
  3. The Banana Tree is a fast growing plant... Generally it puts out one new leaf once a week... When the tree is matured it will produce bananas... The bananas are edible, but wait to eat them until after the tree produces the third time... They grow best in full sun, but can also grow in partial shade... 
  4. If you live in warmer climates the Banana Tree can stay in the ground all year... In cooler climates the plant needs to be dug up and should be transplanted into a pot with some soil... The Banana Tree can grow all year... This plant also multiplies in the right conditions...
Instructions taken from here... 

There are a variety of bananas available in Malaysia... 

 Pisang Berangan
 Pisang Mas
Pisang Cavendish
Pisang Embun
Pisang Rastali
Pisang Lang
Pisang Nipah
Pisang Raja
Pisang Nangka
Pisang Awak
Pisang Putar
Pisang Serendah
Pisang Tanduk

More info here...

Anyway, my colleagues have been making dirty banana jokes... At first, it was quite entertaining, but after a while, it got lame...

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