Tactful Suggestions

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"The thing that I want the most is a superbike..."


Last night, since I was teaching my students about making tactful suggestions, I asked them to suggest what should I do if I have 10 billion dollars in my pocket... The suggestions must be made in an appropriate way, according to the guidelines given in the text book...

"Sir, I think you should give the money to me and build me a bungalow..."

"You should build six bungalows for us to live so that we wont have to stay in college..."

 "I would like to suggest that you build your own private school and give out scholarships to excellent students... Like the Yayasan al-Bukhori"

Biaswiswa Yayasan Zulfahmi?

"Why don't you hire me as a financial consultant? Then, I would advise you to buy yourself an island... You shall be the president of the island then make profit from its resources... You'll be more wealthier than ever..."

Which island should I buy? Singapore?? 

"You should open a university..."

Zulfahmi University?

"You should buy a share in Facebook..."

"I would like to suggest that you be a good Muslim and perform the Haj..."

"Spend the money for marriage... with 10 Billion dollars, you can have a wedding in Paris... Wedding of the year..."

"I suggest that you donate your money for charity..."

After hearing all of their suggestions, I told them about what I planned to do with the money... Well, I would open a zoo... Yeah, because I love animals... 

but I do love the idea of giving my own scholarship and opening my own university... They will have my name on it... Cool huh?

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