Taxi taxi taxi stupid taxi taxi driver

Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Friday, I arrived at Melaka from Terengganu at 5.30 am... I was tired and I wanted to get home as fast as I could... So, I opted for a taxi ride... 

Taxi drivers in Melaka are rude and stupid... They tried to trick me into paying RM20 for a ride from Melaka Sentral to Kubu... If u're familiar with the Melaka Town, u would know that Melaka Sentral and Kubu is fucking near to one another... 

I've stayed in Melaka for 5 years now... and I always pay RM15 max for a taxi ride to Kubu... I would never pay a higher amount... So, I seriously thought of just walking home instead of arguing about the ridiculous high fare with the stupid driver any longer... He even yelled at me... Dammit... Just when I was about to walkaway from him, he immediately lowered the rate to RM15... 

Taxi drivers in Melaka are really stupid... They charge such high fare and therefore, they dont really have many customers... U can see them at Melaka Sentral, Dataran Pahlawan and Hang Tuah Mall, desperately looking for customers... People prefer to ride buses because they are 10 times cheaper... 

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  1. did the driver really wear yellow flowery shirt?

  2. couldnt agree more with u fami.. they charged us 20 fucking ringgit from our house to equatorial. dia igt dia limo?

  3. their charge is so expensive n they still question why they don't have any passengers...EPIC FAIL