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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ridhwan was the first person I bonded nicely with (in a brotherly kind of way) during my time in UiTM Lendu - destined to be roommates, we became best friends to one another - he poured out everything that he needed to pour out and I listened... In Lendu, being faraway from home and family, I was a bit lonely... but Ridhwan's parents took me in and made me their own son (hmm.. it sounds like they adopted me) - and I was really grateful for that - I was so glad to have Ridhwan as a friend... he's like a brother to me... Ridhwan taught me that baggy clothes are a big no-no... and Apple gadgets are damn cool... and Starbucks is where the cool people hang out at... ... He often gave me useful advises and wake up calls - and I loved to hear his opinion about relationships and his gossips... even though we rarely hanged  out , I really did love his company... I'll miss him...

Looks like I'll have to learn how to download those Dexter series myself after this...

Alief taught me how fun it is to have friends... Especially cheerful and frank friends like him and Pali... Alief also taught me about the importance of having a goal in life - You dont have to set big goals - be realistic - set goals that you know you can achieve... I idolized him once for his leadership, reasoning skills, friendliness, and insights... He's indeed a great person - but if I have a hot sister or daughter, I wouldn't let her near him... It's not that he's a bad lover or anything... It's just that, he's not that good either... He's a real charmer... He's the most friendly person I've ever known - It's like everyone in campus (and beyond) knew him...

Hey Alief... Dont forget to inform me when u got your chance to be on tv... I'll be watching your debut moment - and laugh my ass out... DJ A-mud

Pali has this tendency to ramble a lot - whenever he started to talk, he could go on and on for hours -  we used to call it "pulling a Pali"... Heheee... he really was good in public speaking and public relation stuff... I remember the first time Pali introduced me to Frisya when he first got to be one of the Pembantu Mesra Pelajar (PMP)... He was damn excited and he tried so hard to impress her - I wouldn't blame him because Frisya is quite a catch... He's so lucky to have her and I hoped that he and Frisya will stay together forever... All the best for Pali!

Pali, dont forget about our road trip! 

Hey, what's that third picture about? - you might wonder... Well, it looks like Alvin's getting ready to get circumcized... but actually that's Alief and Pali helping Alvin to put on a sampin... I think that was before we went to Rumah Terbuka Hari Raya TESL this one time in Lendu (that picture reminded me of Mr. Ishak because he was at the rumah terbuka that time... and it made me a bit sad)... Anyway, Alvin has issues with girls... It's not that he hates girls but it's just that he loves them too much but doesnt know how to express the love in the right kind of way... He might have been so used to virgin jokes by now... My girl and I discussed about Alvin once - we concluded that Alvin indeed has the assets that could make girls fall for him - big, muscular body (haha!), height, kindness, humor - but he's just not ready to commit to a serious relationship...  Alief said that Alvin didn't know how to flirt... I guess that's kinda true... Hmm... Alvin often has mood swings - just a moment ago he was cheerful like a hummingbird humming love songs but about a minute later he turned blue, as blue as an emo guy could be... Despite all of that, Alvin was really a nice guy... Spending more than 4 semesters living together with him, I've never ever seen him angry or do bad things...

Alvin, use that kindness of yours to charm the girl of your dreams! and be more confident and bold!

Dear Tony, I just want you to know that even though your girlfriend (Shak Best) was a total pain, but I really really really liked u... How can I hate you? You were so kind and always good to me... and I loved to hang out with you... Remember Tony, there will always be people who would  take advantage of your kindness - be careful... Only be good to people who are good to you... You'll do great... Just dont marry that girlfriend of yours... You deserve someone better - someone who will treat you right... Okey?

Dont forget to keep in touch...

Jua Jui Juo... The first time I saw her, she was crawling on the floor in a surau asking for cookies like a baby - Nak! Nak! Nak! - that was during the pre-TESL language camp... The thing that I adored most about Jua is her playfulness... and the fact that she could be cute and annoying at the same time... "Eh, Fahmi bercakap hari ni..." "Wahh, banyaknya perkataan Fahmi luahkan hari ini..." Cis... Despite her playfulness and sleepless nights procrastinating work, Jua was actually a really good student... DL every sem!! Pandai budak ni... 

The first time I saw Linda, I was like - "Whoa, who's that beautiful girl? Stunning!"... Of course I didnt say it out loud, I just uttered those words in my mind... Then, after I learned her name - Maslinda Ayu - "Fuuyoo, what a name..." Haha... Anyway, I really did like Linda - she's quite frank... At first, judging by her looks, I thought that she would be all 'sombong'... but she turned out to be okey... A bit of a drama queen though - her screams!! her big laughs!! her hair!!

Despite all of the bad things people said about her, I really did like Yatie - being my neighbor once, she used to listened to all my whining, I used to listen to all her whining and we used to hang out like a lot... We were like best friends... But she changed herself... and I changed myself... and now we're so apart... One thing that I'm thankful of is she helped me survive teaching practicum... without her silly, loud, almost faked laugh, I would not have make it back as sane as I am now... I hope that someday Yatie would be able to find whatever that she's looking for, be whoever she wants to be (though it's too late to be a nurse now)... and be with a guy who would treat her right...

What doesnt kill you, makes you stronger

Kinky Finz - HAHHAAA... Huhu... Hee... Fiuhh... Hmm... how should I describe Fina yeah... Owh yes, I always viewed Fina as a matured adult - probably because of the way she talked... She always tend to sound so sophisticated and intelligent... One of the best debater in KBM! I seriously thought that she should have won the VC Cup that KBM hosted last year... She's also a good writer - Check out her blog! I wanted to write  just like her... and For some reasons, she has this motherly aura - or perhaps big-sisterly... I think that's the thing that I love the most about her...

Nasuha - the things that I and the rest of the class would remember most about her was her crazy high heels, the fact that she's Singaporean and the "You shut up - No, you shut up!!" moment... She seemed to love being my "sister"... We got really close when she and Alief started to have problems with their relationship... Yeah, those were some emotional moments - why do break ups got to be so ugly? But, being a strong girl like she always claimed to be, she managed to get on her feet again... Anyway, the experience of working with her was valuable - I got to know how it would be like to open a business and how hard it was to stay in business... Her family was kind and warm towards me - Iman is so smart and cute... For some reasons, among her siblings, I seemed to like Hannah the most... 

Hmm... I heard she and Farril will get married after graduation - I wish them all the best...


I once thought that Farril was heartless - but I thought wrong... He did have a heart - and his heart belonged to Nasuha... Damn... I was in denial when Nasuha broke the news about Farril being lovey dovey... but I got used to it... Farril has this carefree attitude - he seemed to not care about anything or anyone (in other words, heartless) - but actually he could be such a great help (as mentioned, he did have a heart...)... I personally think that if he tried harder and be more serious, he could have been a great writer by now - because his level of maturity in writing was at par with the lecturers...

Ida was too rough for a girl - she could be quite rude sometimes - there were times when she offended me with her act... but after 5 years being together as classmates, I finally could put up with her... Besides, I just couldnt imagine Ida being all soft and girly (no offense)... She's one loud noisy girl and also has the tendency to ramble when she spoke... She ate a lot too... Hmm... I think that everyone would agree that Ida would always be remembered as the girl who often went missing during classes - it's either she went out to get some food or she went to the ladies... :-)

Our TESL event singer - when there's a TESL event, Ariff will be singing... Ariff always tried to entertain (or make fun of) everybody... His jokes were often funny... I found that it was rather impressive of him to be the president of the Toastmasters Club - a club that hold meetings for people to improve in their public speaking (I hope I got this right...)... He was also in a band once - the vocalist - but it seemed that it didn't work out... It's okey Ariff, maybe someday I'll see u performing in a gig somewhere...

I liked Canne - she has this soft, heavenly look that I often I loved to stare at... It's not a surprise that she could win a beauty pageant for she's indeed beautiful... Though soft in appearance, upon the opportunity to work with her on several assignments, I found that Canne was actually strong at heart and quite firm in making decision - the first assignment we did together was to create an Excel document (Madam Begum's Class) several semesters ago - I was rather nervous to work with her at that time because I was not used to interacting with girls... Music was her passion - too bad there's no minor in music at KBM - I knew how frustrated she was not to be able to pursue her interest in music - she has great voice and she played guitar well... Hmm... I liked Canne :-)

Kath was really a happy-go-lucky person - she did win the Super Smile Award after all... Similar to Canne, Kath also has a thing with music - she sang pretty good and played guitar too - Kath and Canne were indeed the dynamic duo...

In the first semester, Wani used to bug me by saying - "Hey, kenapa kau lembut sangat hah?", "Kau tak boleh keras sikit ke?", "Kau cakap kuat sikit boleh tak?" - I really didnt get why she did that...  Her housemates did say she bullied them a lot... Every year, Wani and her family would organize an open house for Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration - satay, roti jala, sambal udang, mee goreng, kuih muih, kari ayam - The best open house ever... Wani was an Arsenal fan - a die hard one...

Makcik Kuat - that's what Farril called Bedd... I was left speechless the first time I heard Bedd sang - her voice was really nice to hear - though, she seldom showed it... I liked Bedd because she's like a big sister - motherly and kind...

Sexy Lolita :-) Fatin Thuraiya - from Kelantan - I think Fatin went back to Kelantan every weekend - an idication that she's a family person... She's half Chinese - so she celebrated Chinese New Year... Hmm... Farril's also half Chinese and from Kelantan... I think that Fatin was a great teacher - whenever she's presenting something, she always did it with confidence...

Jua's twin sister

Nur Nilam Syarifina - I used to love sitting next to her in class - she was fun and cheerful... and we did flirt a bit... but everything changed after she got together with her boyfriend... Honestly, I was disappointed by the way she threw away the friendship she built for years just to be with a single guy... I really did like to be friends with her... Luckily, this last semester, she started to show her cheerfulness again - though the gates that bound her haven't been fully opened...

Nilam, go back to be your fun self! People love you when you're fun!

I love the third picture - so nice... I went "WHOA!!" the first time I saw Razlina's hair... People kept saying that despite the big, curly hair, she had an awesome body figure - I would like to stress that I quote that from a few people... I still remember the first time I went out with Raz - it was during Pre-TESL - we went to Mahkota Parade - I have always liked her from that moment - she's funny and very friendly...

When I first met Syu, I thought that she could take me down with a single clothesline move... Her shoulders were awesomely big! Syu was a sweet girl - soft spoken and cute... but besides sweet, Syu could also be quirky - whenever she turned Pwincesh...

Iman has this habit of sleeping in class - she has this talent of sleeping while sitting straight... Living in Arizona for quite some time, Iman spoke with American accent - most of the time I have to pay attention listening to what she said in order to understand... I often called her Imang :-D

The Tokoh Kepimpinan Pelajar - Since he realized that he would be having trouble excelling academically - he chose to excel politically... Honestly, I think Hafeez deserved to be respected for his contribution - TESL was a small community - but he made TESL big by organizing many events... Once, I followed Hafeez to Tesco to get some stuff for a debate tournament - one of the sales girls asked me, "Is that your dad?"... not to mentioned, many have mistaken him for a tourist - he did look like a mat salleh... 

The King of Siam

Honey bunny - Kak Hani - the loud laugh and the quirky look that she liked to make whenever I stared at her would be the stuff I would remember most about her... I liked the fact how she could control Ida...

Kiki Kajang - she talked faster than a speeding bullet... She amazed me - how could a person talked that fast without having his/her tongue twisted? Anyway, I think that Kiki was kinda adorable - I liked the way she walked - it's like she's walking on water...

I liked Yuni because she's extremely extremely kind to people - she always saw the good side of people and cared a lot about other people... She's also academically smart - The best TESL student... I think that it's very pleasant to be around her - she has this aura that made me wanna smile...

When I was in Lendu, I heard a lot of bad things about Jue - especially about her puking... But after spending a bit of my time with her, I found that she's not bad at all - just a bit rebellious... besides, she's could be rather cute in personality... 

She has assets 

I just couldn't put my finger on Ezdiani - sometimes she appeared to like me - but some other times, she seemed so cold and hostile... She always managed to surprise - I could still recall the look on everybody's face the time she decided not to wear tudung... the time when Alief first broke the news that she was married almost made me want to punch myself - I was in denial until I got to see her husband during The Eagle Ranch trip...

My ex-scandal (Alvin, 2010)...

The business girl - I adored Feeza for her hard work making money - she approached me once to join her in one of her business scheme - I was really interested but the starting money was too high for me and I was not that confident that I would be a good sales person... but I did plan on joining after I got a stable job to gather more money... So Feeza, I'll contact you in the future - so, keep the business up! I remembered Feeza and Pali were close friends during the first few semesters - they always went out together... Feeza was also a nice caring person... I liked the fact that she's a movie junkie like me - too bad we never had the chance to go out and have a movie marathon together... She's also an anime junkie - I borrowed the first hundred episodes of Bleach from her once... Thanks Feeza~

When u think of Aween, u would think of - tennis - Nadal - her cooking - her accent... My fondest memory of her is the time when she, Ridhwan and I ate McDonald's takeaways at Gloria Jean's parking lot... At that moment, she & Ridhwan were BFFs... It was so sweet seeing both of them being so friendly to each other... Well, that was before they got into a fight... I'm not sure what's the fight about but Fina & Linda were in it too... 

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  1. **sniff**

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    --And i said i love you depan azim, so, takde conflict di situ ye. Sekian.--

  4. sweet of you of describing all our classmates..thanks for all the good and bad memories we shared together..all the very best to keep in touch ok..

  5. This is the best blog entry of the year!

    I seriously will miss you! You are like my brother (I never had)!

    Suddenly teringat zaman obsess dengan My Chemical Romance and Indon songs in Lendu!

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    thanks for everything & i'm sorry if i've ever offended u in any ways. u take care!


  9. pami dear..first of all,i thought u might gonna need a punch or two in e face..but then the post is just too sweet i had to let it pass..keep in touch, okay?

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