Movie Night at KBM

Monday, August 09, 2010

After all of the trouble of creating and distributing questionnaires, doing proposals, dealing with HEA/HEP people, downloading movies, choosing the right movies, putting up posters, translating subtitles, setting up speakers and laptops, re-choosing the right movies, selling tickets, giving out fliers, making popcorns and sausages, arranging the chairs and tables, re-arranging the chairs and tables, and many more stuff... we finally wrapped up our Movie Night at KBM!!!

Thanks to all BTSL 8A friends and other people like Noel (who helped to arrange the chairs and tables)  and the lecturers for willing to lend a hand promoting and supporting our thing~ It was fun right? Plus, we got to eat that delicious and addictive Nachos with cheese... Credits to Hafeez, Fadzly and Alvin... Can I have some more?? 

We also got to devour Nasuha's brownies with ice cream... It was delicious! I ate so many pieces of it... Can I have some more of that too??

Maybe we can do this again huh? Like Farril said, "Scream Fest!"... Since all of the thrillers, Dead Silence and Orphan, got sold out...

*A part of me doesnt want this semester to end...*

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