Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being sick is kinda suck, dont u agree? For instance, now that I'm having a fever, I feel extremely cold although my body is actually burning hot... My stomach doesnt feel good... it's like having a tornado inside and it makes me burp every minute... I also feel dizzy... Dizziness always makes me uneasy... it makes me think that nothing is right... and it will be hard for me to sleep... My nose is runny and I cant smell any shit... My throat hurts... Luckily there's Fisherman's Friend to ease it...

Eating medicine kinda suck too... Why does most medicine has to taste bad? I remember when I was in primary school, I used to hate taking medicine... Whenever my mom gave me some pills, I would pretend to swallow them... I hid them between my fingers... After that I would bury those pills in mom's flower pots... Unfortunately, one day, when mom was doing some gardening, she found those buried pills... So, my ass was whipped... Then, she came up with a way to make sure I eat those damn pills - she would wrap those pills in a piece of bread... it worked... the pills' awful taste was covered by the sweet taste of chocolate bread... Yummy... Well, I did experiment a bit after that... Besides bread, I used Milo powder, chocolate bars, and fried chicken... After a few years, I finally could swallow those pills alone...Woohooo~

My favorite medicine would be antibiotics... Every time I take them, my pee would become orange... Slightly darker... Well, during school, a doctor told me that the more orange the pee, the more bacteria being flushed out from our system... I dont know whether he was serious or just messing with me... Besides that, after taking antibiotics, I will feel psychologically healthy... I will think that all kinds of bacteria residing in my body would be eliminated... It'll make me feel good... 

Hmm... What's your favorite meds?

Anyway, I just want to tell all of you to be careful... Because dengue fever has been striking whole Malaysia... Dengue kills more people than H1N1... Make sure u know the symptoms... early treatment can save your lives... 

Peace out~

Word of the day - GRAVID - meaning : pregnant or full of eggs (a gravid fish)

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