Trash talk?

Monday, April 05, 2010

Sometimes it's amusing to just hear how kids nowadays talk to each other... Last week, as soon as I got out from the school compound through the front gates, I overheard two form one Malay students talking... 

"Wey, lahanat! Kau nak pergi mana lahanat??"

"Siapa lahanat?"

"Kau la lahanat... Memang dasar lahanat betul... Nak pergi mana lahanat?"

"Lancau kau! Kalau aku lahanat, kau lancau!"

"Kalau aku lancau, kau berkawan dengan lancau la~~ Hahaha~"

"Elok la tu... Lancau berkawan dengan lahanat! Wargkahahahah!!"

I couldn't stop smiling until I reached home... Seriously, is it like a cool new way of talking for the young generation or what? Coz I've been hearing this kind of talking a lot since the beginning of practicum... Though amusing, but it's rather inappropriate... 

For the Chinese students, whenever they're using Mandarin, even though I have no idea what they're talking about, there are some obvious words that they often use...





Well, I think that's why most of them do turn into 'lancau's and 'lahanat's and 'sohai's...

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