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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I was really excited to watch Clash of the Titans but I have to say that after watching the movie, I felt rather disappointed... The title, "Clash of the TITANS", gave me a delusional hope that I might have a chance to see at least two powerful Greek Gods like Zeus and Hades fight and cause a lot of destruction and pain on each other... Zeus lightning bolt strike should be the finishing strike to send the slick and evil Hades back into the underground... However, to my disappointment, the movie didn't deliver what I hoped for... Yeah, it was enjoyable, but for me, it has no "WOW" factor... the action part didn't satisfy me... It was that easy to kill the most feared Kraken? The giant scorpions could be tamed into pets? and what's with the journey kind of plot? Gosh, I guess the trailer and the title got me... It was like watching the other version of Percy Jackson & The  Lightning Thief ... I kept thinking that it could be done better... Luckily the graphic and sound effects were great and top class... I love the image of Kraken and the giant scorpions... Lastly, I was confused... Who is the real father of Perseus? Zeus or Poseidon?

Date Night was awesomely funny... as expected from Tina Fey and Steve Carell... I watched the movie with my girl and Yate... Well, the movie has a lot of sarcasm and verbal jokes and there were quite some times when I noticed that among the whole audience in the cinema at that time, only the three of us were laughing to the jokes cracked as only us could get it... Feeling that we're exaggerating the jokes, the people who were sitting in front of us seldom gave us that bitchy role-up-the-eyes look but they should realize that they were really funny if they could just comprehend them... Anyway, I kinda like the movie because I could see me and my girl in Phil and Claire Foster as we often do stuff that they do... Like coming up with our own wacky dialogues whenever we see a couple dating... It really is funny to do that :-P

Next anticipated movie? IRON MAN 2!!

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  1. James Franco is my secret lovah!

  2. Pamie, I agree with u 101% for both muvies! and the thing uve experienced when watching the Date Night, both Yatie and I felt that too!

    awww!!!cant wait for Iron Man 2!!!

  3. Zeus and Poseidon had their great times together back then...Not to mention about the threesome they had with Perseus mother...OOOpss!!!