Kick Ass!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Kick Ass really kicked ass! I love saying that... Watching the trailers, I knew that it would be a great action + comedy movie... and damn I love great action movies...

What I love about Kick Ass is it managed to get me all build up by the presence of tense and suspense elements but then surprised me with insanely comedic acts... For example, the part where Kick Ass tried to stop two robbers from  stealing a car and got stabbed and then surprisingly got ran over by a car! Another example, the part where Kick Ass confessed to his crush about his true identity and the fact that he's not gay... the kissing part was kinda cliché but the boobs-touching act made it hilarious! 

For me, Hit Girl was the most dominant character even though Kick Ass was the lead... She's tough, firm, and consistent... but what made her shine was the irony... A cute girl with mean killing skills... For God's sake, she can dodge bullets! How cool is that compared to nerd Kick Ass??

My most favourite aspect of the movie is the different camera views and awesome effects... The first person shooter mode of Hit Girl shooting bad guys while wearing a night vision goggle was indeed bad ass... it reminded me of Doom the Movie... The part where Big Daddy performed a massacre at the wood factory was also great... 

I predict a sequel... with Red Mist as the villain... Dont you agree??

I want Iron Man 2!!

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