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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Be prepared for the next Earth Hour!
Saturday, 27th March 2010
8.30 pm

Lets put off our lights for an hour to show support!

Click here to know more about it...

Lets do our bit to help to at least slow down the climate change... I think most of u have noticed how hot it's getting nowadays... Well, the hot steamy weather is not just affecting us, but some species of animals are going extinct because of it... 

The pika mouse for instance is heading towards the dodo way... The thick fur covering its body is supposed to be a convenience for it to live at the cold mountains... but instead, the temperature of its habitat increases and the pikas cannot just shed its fur like a thick sweater, so many pikas died because of the heat... Just imagine yourself wearing a thick furry coat on a hot day...

*dont you think one of the Pokemon monsters, Pikachu was inspired by the pika? :-D

The polar bears are also being endangered for the ice in the Arctic is melting... The melting ice may also affect us as in the future, most islands will be submerged into the sea... I wonder whether Malaysia can survive the massive flood... :-D

There are actually many more effects of global warming... So lets do our part in conserving the world energy... Switch off those damn lights when u dont need them ;-) Besides saving energy, u can also save money for the bills...


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