Making video clips inside my head

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Riding my bicycle against the wind makes me feel like being in a movie scene where the camera is focused on me and my bicycle so my surroundings will all be distorted into thin colorful lines with a variety of length and width... Then as I make a turn to the right route of a t-junction, the picture will look like as if the camera  is getting further and further away from me, turning my image smaller and smaller and then after a few seconds, I will be gone...

During the last school assembly, after the national, state and school anthems had been played, the theme song for Sukma 2010 was aired through the old, almost broken speaker... The beat and rhythm of the song was so lively, I actually kinda liked it... Then I looked at all the students and suddenly, the image of them dancing to the beat of the song appeared inside my head... Following the beat of the drums, the students in the front row started snapping their fingers together... The students at the back turned round and round and slowly spinning their way to the front as the ones at the front row made way for them... Then, they all were dancing around synchronously where one group of students were jumping around like bally dancers while the other group were spinning around like mad people... After that, when the song reached the chorus part, the Malay students made their way through to the middle of the assembly place and started dancing Zapin and played kompangs... Beside them were the Indians and Chinese dancing their own traditional dances... It was like a 1 Malaysia music and dance festival... Wow... would it be great if that really happen in real life, I thought... and I smiled... :-)

Dont mind me... I'm just a person with a wild imagination...

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