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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last week, I wanted to watch From Paris with Love with my girl... Wanted to see some action together with comedy... The only cinema in Melaka showing the movie is the Mahkota Parade's Lotus Five Star Cinema... 

However, I couldn't watch it because there was no show... Nobody had bought the tickets and in order for the movie to be shown, there must be at least 5 people watching it... Bummer...

So, we watched How to Train Your Dragon instead... and it was freakin' awesome... The graphic was great and it was funny... The dragons were quite cute (especially Night Fury)... good idea to make Toothless act a bit like a cat... and the action parts were rather breath taking... I love the fight between Toothless and Hiccup and the giant dragon... Astrid was extremely cute... :-D

For those who have not watched it might be wondering, who's Astrid? Who the hell is Toothless?? Go watch it!! :-P

What's next? Clash of the TITANS!!!!!!!

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  1. Who has the classic version of Clash of the Titans?

    Who has From Paris with Love?

    I want!!