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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Two weeks ago, I was wondering how did my sleeve button break into two pieces... I thought that maybe my index finger and thumb got stronger for all the writing on the blackboards using chalks in school that I did not notice I accidentally broke the button into two while buttoning my sleeve... But today I realized that the button broke because I always pound the blackboard with my hand to get the students' attention... Everytime I do that, the students will be quiet and focus on my lesson but only for a while... After 10 minutes, they go berserk again...

Sometimes I wonder, will my hand get mutated for all of the direct exposure to chalk? because I will always got chalk stains on my right hand after every lesson (I got stains on my tie, pants and face also)...

Imagine this, you're writing some notes on the blackboard... Suddenly, a boy gets up and makes a lot of noise and it annoys you... You clenches your fist so hard until the chalk you're holding crumbles into small pieces... You throw those small pieces of chalk to that boy and the chalks fly at bullet speed... Plashh!! Blood splatters all over the classroom... You're shock... What just happened? When you look at your right arm, you realize that it's not normal anymore... it has dragon scales!!! Cool huh? Tomorrow's NST headline = MASSACRE!! 35 Students Were Cruelly Slayed... Teacher Responsible For Tragedy is Currently Missing... Any Info, Please Contact.......

Dont mind me... I read too much comic books...

Dont chalk cause cancer??

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  1. sukeeee entry nii!!!
    soul resonance!!!!