It could have been worse huh?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Walking home alone from my girl's, my mind wandered to another galaxy... As I was passing along the road between the Kubu Stadium and Bangunan Wisma, my mind have ventured through the Butterfly Nebula... But my wonderful daydream (even though this actually happened at night) was interrupted by a motorist... I heard a slow rumbling sound of a motorcycle and I knew by the sound, the motorcyclist was going to stop just beside me... I'm not a strong guy physically, so I always remind myself that I must be aware of my surroundings whenever I sense trouble getting near so that I would be able to use anything available (such as rocks and sticks) for self-defense... Shit, there were no rocks or sticks near me... But, it's okey... From all of the movies I watched and the comics I read, I concluded that the most important element of winning a fight is; the element of surprise... Before the motorcyclist strikes, I should punch him straight to the nose first and then pull his helmet, drag him off his motorcycle and throw him into the drain... ... ... But, what if he's wearing a helmet with a visor? Damn...

"Hai dik..."

Before I could come up with another self-defense plan, the motorcyclist spoke to me... in a rather soft voice... Is he a transvestite? The worse possible thing that could ever happen; being raped by a transvestite... What could be worse than that...

"Dik, baru balik kerja ke? Hehehe..."

I was wearing jeans, slippers, and a worn out t-shirt... Baru balik kerja ke?? I walked faster but he followed me with his motorcycle... Owh, he was not wearing a visor, so I guessed I could just punch him in the face... 

"Dik, rumah kat mana?"

Hmm... finally, I could see some big rocks... Just imagine throwing big ass rocks to a possible transvestite... Priceless... It shall be a memory worth cherishing... baling batu kat tulang belakang dia... mesti menggeliat dia tahan sakit... but before I could bend over (which was possibly not the right thing to do as it could be sending the wrong signal), the motorcyclist went off... He sped off his motorcycle leaving me relieved...

that was not the first time some weirdo pulled over and hit on me... I guess I do look gay...

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  1. Reading this made me lol - and made my day, so thank you.

    Also, you're right; it could be worse. :p

  2. aiyoyo.. apa ini? tak boleh blah punye mamat eh!! tolong la..