Saturday, January 23, 2010

My dad sent me a message yesterday :-


27-11-2009 (Friday) - Aidiladha
18-12-2009 (Friday) - Tahun Baru Hijrah
25-12-2009 (Friday) - Christmas
01-01-2010 (Friday) - New Year 2010
26-02-2010 (Friday) - Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW
02-04-2010 (Friday) - The death of Yesus Kristus
28-05-2010 (Friday) - Hari Wesak
27-08-2010 (Friday) - Nuzul al-Quran
10-09-2010 (Friday) - Aidilfitri
05-11-2010 (Friday) - Deepavali

Di dalam al-Quran, Allah telah menyebutkan bahawa kiamat terjadi pada hari Jumaat... Renunglah dengan mata hati...

The 2012 phenomenon where the Mayans believed that the world will be in total chaos is predicted to be happening on December 21, or December 23, 2012... Well, according to my phone's calendar, December 21 is Friday...

But it is all in Allah's power... 2012 is not necessarily the end of the world... it can happen maybe next week... or next month... or next billion years...The only certain thing is it will be happening on Friday and when all of the Muslims have gone from the face of the world...

As a child, I was always interested by the stories about the apocalypse... especially about Dajal (or also be known as the 'Antichrist' in Christian)... it is said that before the world ends, Dajal will bring terror on the face of the earth... My ustazah said that it is uncertain how Dajal looks like... or how many Dajals will be terrorizing earth... Maybe Dajal is a giant, eating earth's crust to the core... or Dajal might be a swarm of insects, eating out flesh and bones... it can also be some kind of a deadly virus... but Wikipedia explains it differently... Wiki stated that Dajal comes in a form of a crippled man... He shall spread false religious teachings and lies... click here to read about it...

and besides Dajal, there will be more unearthly creatures roaming around spreading terror...

So, be prepared...

Anyway, you know what else is on Friday?
The end of my practicum!!
09-04-2010 (Friday) - End of practicum :-D

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