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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Yesterday morning, the sound of a door being opened woke me up from my beauty sleep... the sound came from the house in front of my house... Then, after a few minutes, I heard the door being shut again... The auntie living in front of my house is rather mysterious... My fellow housemates said that she is a teacher... For the past 2 and a half years I've been living in Kubu, I've only met her two to three times... Her glass sliding door is often slightly opened... Yet, her house is always dark during night time... Ridhwan suspected she had murdered her husband and keep the body inside a freezer in that house...


The Chinese guy living on the second floor is torturing his pet dog... I often heard the dog barking in pain as that Chinese guy keeps yelling in Chinese... there was one day when Alief and I saw the dog moaning in pain as it was left outside in the scorching sun on the balcony...

Animal cruelty!
I think that guy also beat up his girlfriend/wife who is living together with him as I sometimes hear the girl crying for help... How can I report this??

We have new neighbors... A family moved into the house on the first floor a few days ago... Someone died in that house a few years back... Natural death I think...

Our house is a little bit cleaner :-P

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  1. the house is a little bit cleaner? adehhh...

  2. is it?? i doubt about it..hahha...i tot u have a talking wall.....that is freak. ;p

  3. For the first situation, I think Ridh watches Desperate Housewives waaaaay too much!