Owh... Crap...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Taking my shirt off to take a shower, something crossed my mind... Whoever invented the toilet was a brilliant man... (well, I assumed that it is a man... because most probably women are decent enough to thing of something as crappy as stuff involving shit...)

Seriously, if toilets were not invented, we would still be pissing and shitting by the river... Imagine having to go to the nearest river just to do some shitty business... Water pollution will be going up to another level then... Dang... but, on second thought, maybe it will make the river richer and the fishes fatter... The plants beside the rivers will be having free fertilizers... with no toxic... but the smell will be toxic for sure...


and what about privacy??

So, who really invented one of the most useful device known to mankind? It was Sir John Harrington, a noble Englishman... (see, he is a man...) Find out more about the origins of the toilet here... Apparently, reading this article, I found that many thought Thomas Crapper (a plumber) created the toilet... I guess the word "Crap" came from this Crapper guy huh?

Thanks to Sir Harrington, we can enjoy doing our private business in the comfort of our own toilet... Ahhhh~

Boy I wish writing research proposals is as easy as writing this entry... blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

Here are some pictures of strange toilets... For enlightenment purposes...

"Ahhh~ what a view~~"

Dare to pee?

What did I tell u about men inventing toilets?

I hope there wont be any shark staring while I'm doing my thing...

Again, dare to pee?

*pictures taken from DamnCoolPics*

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