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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I really love watching movies...

I watched Couple's Retreat two times... First with Ridhwan and Alief and second with my girl... I like the movie because it showed about the real problems that married couples have to deal with in life... It showed how couples somehow forget how to have fun with each other after a few years of marriage and when their children appeared into their world... how couples just forget how to communicate with each other... the ending was rather sweet... Yeah, I would love to sit by the waterfall with my girl, talking about simple yet meaningful stuff... The movie was also quite funny especially the part in the scene with Salvadore (the Yoga instructor)... The place setting of the movie was extremely beautiful... Blue, clear water... Waterfalls... Clean beaches... it was the closest to heaven...

Tonight, I watched Storm Warriors II with Alief... despite having quite a number of people telling me that it was not good, I went to watch the movie with enthusiasm... Most probably because I've been reading the comic books (Pedang Setiawan) since I was six years old... Yeah, from I was six years old until now, Pedang Setiawan has never shown any signs of an ending... The chapters have reached hundreds... Honestly, I really loved the movie... The effects were grand... just like in the comic books... It was like reading the comics in motion picture... Nevertheless, I anticipated a sequel... There's no way Penjejak Awan would die!! He lives until today in the comic books... and Aties Kuntum is not dead yet... :-D

Lastly, I've just finished watching 500 Days of Summer in my laptop (thanks Ridhwan)... I love Zooey Deschanel :-) but I was really frustrated with the ending... because I saw me in Tom... Shit!! Why does Summer has to be married with someone else??? I hate it... It was really sweet in the beginning but heart breaking towards the end... Although Tom met Autumn in the end but the frustration in my heart stayed... :-((

I wish I can own a cinema hall...

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  1. I forgot to mentioned that I have also watched Zombieland... I downloaded it months before because I though it wont be shown in Malaysia... :-P

    Zombieland was funny and damn cool :-)

  2. dh tgk anti christ? damn that movie gives me nightmares!

  3. Dah!! Sangat psychotic and disturbing!!