Monday, December 07, 2009

It is always amusing for me to watch my younger brothers argue among themselves about the silliest things...

On the way to grandma's, we passed by Mydin Mall and Giant...

Aizat: Yang mana lagi best? Mydin atau Giant?

Faiz: Mestilah Mydin...

Aizat: Mydin lagi best dari Giant

Faiz: tapi tak tahu jugak sebab kita jarang pergi Giant

Aizat: tak, Mydin lagi best sebab ada jual CD PS2

Faiz: Giant pun ada jual CD

Aizat: Tapi takde CD PS2

Faiz: Giant boleh buli Mydin sebab dia Giant

Aizat: Macammana Giant nak buli Mydin? Giant selalu buli Nobita dan Doraemon...

Faiz: Mydin lagi murah

Aizat: Macammana nak tahu? Kita kan jarang pergi Giant

Faiz: Mydin Mall lagi besar, jadi dia lagi best

Aizat: Kalau Mydin lagi besar, Giant dah tak boleh dipanggil Giant dah...

Faiz: Mydin buli Giant pulak

Me: Wargghhahahahahahahaha!!! God!! Enough u two!! You are making me nuts with all your nonsense!!!

Aizat and Faiz: Giant mengamuk!!!

Aizat is the one who got 5A's for UPSR and Faiz is the one taking SPM this year...

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