Thursday, September 17, 2009

As usual, during this kind of moment where I'm packing my bags, planning of what to bring home and what not to bring and wondering how many pieces of clothing should I bring along, the song "Home" by Daughtry will be automatically played over and over in my mind... Not to mention the one by Micheal Buble, entitled the same; "Home"... I makes me feel... syahdu... sayu... heavy hearted...

I'll be leaving by bus (Transnational) which I bought the ticket months before... I can imagine it now that I'll be looking out through the bus' windows, wondering if things have changed at home or not... With my ears be plugged with earphones, I'll let my mind sway into the past where the thoughts of the ones I'm leaving behind and the ones I'm about to meet appear one by one... making me feel... lebih syahdu... lebih sayu... more heavy hearted...

Then as time flies by, I'll feel sleepy and fall asleep... I hate sleeping in the bus... Because I will drool myself until the collar of my jacket becomes wet... urghhh

I'm hoping that the one who will be sitting beside me in the bus smells nice... I dont care if it's gonna be a girl or guy (I wont be making any interactions with neither of them), as long as they are not smelly and sweaty, I wont mind... I dont want to be covering my nose for 6-7 hours of journey...

Selamat hari raya to all friends (especially Housemates/classmates) and bloggers!!
Be safe during raya!! :-P
Love you all~~

I'll be bringing back my Grammar book along with me... and also the thoughts of abundance of assignments due after hari raya... Shit!!!!!!

p/s:- nak kirim kuih? keropok? ermmm... tengok la dulu kalau aku rajin...

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