Hari Raya

Saturday, September 26, 2009

During my bus trip from Melaka to Terengganu, I kept thinking about what Pali said;
"The bus frame is just wood and plastic..."
I crossed my fingers and prayed to God;
"Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, di bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, ku mohon agar dijauhkan daripada kecelakaan..."

Thank God, I made it home...

Just like what I expected... Family gathering!!
All of the relatives from my mother's side gathered in Granny's house...
Sangat kecoh dan meriah rumah nenek!!
My little cousins were all hyperactive and loud
*Gedegung Gedegang*
Bunyi mereka berlari lari dan bermain bersama

Tidak lupa juga pada bunyi mercun yang berlarutan hingga hari raya ke 4

Visiting the relatives from my father's side, I ate so much food
Got some duit raya~~ :-P

jalan2 pergi beraya~~

Then, on the second day of raya, I went to Kampung Fikri to visit a friend of my parents...
A very isolated area...

Dad said I lived there until I was 1 years old...
Wow... I never knew that before

Then, gone sight seeing at Tasik Kenyir...
The lake was massive...

my brothers~~

my parents~~

Third day of raya, went for a tour around Kuala Terengganu
ate KFC with my family
then went shopping in Mydin Mall


Didnt have the chance to meet all of my former schoolmates because I was at granny's
But I did hear that one of my friend already has a VIOS,
many have become teachers :-P
a few married...

And I'm still stuck here doing assignments...

Watched "Where Got Ghost" with the boys...
Totally funny!!!
A comedic horror~~


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