The Perfect Day of Weight Loss

Friday, July 10, 2009

I am now actually waiting for to update their website so that I can read my favorite mangas; Bleach and Naruto and One Piece... Tapi dari tadi aku tunggu, tak keluar keluar pulak manga2 ni... Haishh... Biasanya manga2 tersebut keluar awal je... Time aku dah terpacak depan laptop ni, lambat la pulak... Life is so ironic...

So I flipped the latest issue of Men's Health (Alief punya) and found an article, 'The Perfect Day of Weight Loss'...

I'm quoting the whole article for all of u to read... thank me for taking the trouble of typing the whole article for u to read...

7.00 am
wake up and do two minutes of jumping jacks, high knee skips, pushups or crunches (in case u dont know what are jumping jacks and crunches, try Googling them...)

7.15 am
Have two scrambled eggs and a slice of Canadian bacon... high-protein breakfast makes people feel fuller thus they are less likely to overeat... (if u dont have Canadian Bacon, try Googling for other high-protein food)

7.45 am
Hit the gym and lower weights slowly... (gym dah bukak ke?)

9.00 am
Chug some milk - calcium-rich dairy can enhance weight loss...

10.00 am
Grab a protein-rich snack like half a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with swiss cheese...

11.00 am
Walk briskly around the office for a while... Walking is good for u

1.00 am
Lunch, eat a spinach salad with grilled halibut and almond slices (whoaa... mana nak cari makanan2 ini dekat sini??)

2.00 pm
If u have a meeting with just one or two people, do it West Wing style, talk as u walk the halls...

4.00 pm
Down a glass of green tea - catechins decrease body fat (Yek...)

5.00 pm
Have a mini-meal and make it fiery - spicy food burns fat and calories (must be because of all the sweating)

7.00 pm
Take a short walk before dinner (to the mamak stall perhaps?)

7.30 pm
Eat dinner... if u eat lightly today, dont worry about a heavier meal now... (makan puas2)

9.30 pm
Grab a good book, pop in some tunes and, relax - stress jacks up your level of cortisol (a chemical that makes u fat)

10.30 pm
Tido... (awal giler...) - less sleep makes u feel hungry all the time...

Dah, habis...

Owh well, I guess Bleach and Naruto will have to wait coz I'm going out to see Beyonce in Obsessed with my girl... Chow...


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