Is that really Denzel? or Morgan Freeman?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

If u're planning to watch this movie, please stop reading... Because it has spoilers... :-P

Dont u think Denzel really looks like Morgan Freeman in this poster?? When I first saw it, I was like, "Where the hell is Denzel? All I can see is Morgan Freeman... and is that really John Travolta?? I'm confused..."

But after the movie started, it was confirmed... It was really Denzel... I could tell after hearing him talked... I could also recognize Travolta by his voice and the way he talked... Man, they sure looked different now but the acting style were just the same...

Anyway, the movie was totally not a full action movie... I expected more gun fights and explotions... but the element of suspense was there... The story line was brilliant and significant... though I didnt like the ending... Why did the bad guys had to die? (sorry for the spoiler... :-P ) This movie was actually a remake and adapted from a novel...

It was about a hostage situation where a bunch of criminals (Travolta) with guns hijacked a subway train... It was brilliantly planned and they almost succeed in doing it... but, as I mentioned ealier, they died in the end because of the presence of a hero in the movie (Denzel)... I was hoping that all of the hostages die in the end and the crook lives... but as usual, justice wins... Sigh~

All in all, the movie was not bad~


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  1. bape bintang ko nak bagi kat movie nih pamiey?

  2. typical muvi hijack public transport..
    bg aku..denzel n john yg wat cite ni watchable..they are legendary~~!!
    yg lain sume biasa je..

  3. ahah! i love blogging too! ianya lagi bez daripada facebook.. kah kah