Finding Nemo : The Other Story

Monday, July 27, 2009

In the depths of one of the drains in Kubu Street, lived a guppy named Nemo with his 'noble' crab friend, Sameon... Though Nemo and Sameon appeared to be best buddies as Sameon always being too kind to feed Nemo with algae almost everyday (Because of that, Nemo was as fat as a pregnant koi fish) Nemo had failed to realize that Sameon was actually up to no good... "I'm gonna make Nemo fat so that he shall be a big feast for me... HAHAHAHHA... I shall eat him until there's nothing left!"

Then after days of hard work gathering algae for fat Nemo, Sameon felt that it was time for him to harvest his meal... "Nemo!! Come now... Its time for breakfast!!" shouted Sameon... With the speed of 0.0003 km/h, Nemo dashed to the dining table made of mud... "Oh boy! You are my best buddy in the whole wide drain Sameon!" said Nemo as he prepared himself to eat the delicious green algae... For Nemo was focusing at the algae, he failed to realize that Sameon was approaching slowly from behind and opening his large claw to rip Nemo apart... "DiE!!"


Just as his claw about to grip Nemo, a loud roar of thunder was heard... Then, large drops of rain began to fall from the sky causing small current to form around the drain's surface... Nemo was swept away by the sudden current... "No!! Nemo!!" screamed Sameon while watching his oversized meal getting further and further from him... "I wont let u get away! Not after all of that hard work u put me into!"

The rain became heavier and thunder roared like bomb explosions... The drain's water level rose higher and higher forming a sea of black coloured, stinky water full of trash... In a few hours, Kubu Street was flooded...

"Nemo!! Where are u?? I'm hungry!!"

Even when he had searched for hours, Sameon still did not give up hope of searching for Nemo... Nemo was still being swept out of the drain by the strong current onto the tarred road and became dizzy for hours of tumbling up and down... "Wow... So this is what the outside of the drain looks like!! Cool!" said Nemo while being upside down...

"Nemo!! There u r! At last!!"

"I'm here Sameon!! Save me!!"

"Wait there!!"

"I'm freakin fat!! I cant swim fast enough!!"

"Grab my claw!!"


Nemo was squashed by the large feet of Alvin...

Kubu dilanda banjir...

Yeay!! :-D

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