Buah Macang 3 biji dan Sebungkus Mihun Kering...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It was another usual day in Ketengah Jaya and as usual I was looking after my Kedai... Sitting at the counter, flipping through the pages of Tall, Dark and Handsome, I wished no costumer would come to my Kedai as I was eager to know the ending of this interesting novel... But... after reading about 15th pages, a costumer came... Well, at least I thought he was a costumer...

"Kecik, assalammualaium..."

Yeah, this guy named Awang (bukan nama sebenar) preferred to call me 'Kecik', short for Tauke Kecik... He's an addict... a pityful addict...


I replied softly, but actually I was thinking ; "Selama ni datang tak pernah bagi salam pun... Mesti ada nak mintak something nih..."

"Kecik, aku nak mintak tolong sikit... Aku nak mintak duit la... Lapar, 2 hari dah tak makan... Bapak aku tak bagi aku duit la..."

See? What did I tell u? Sigh~~ Well, I gave him a look indicating a sense of confusion... Should I? or Should I not?

"Macam ni Kecik, I jual kat kau buah macang 3 biji dan meehun kering sebungkus... Tolong la Kecik, aku nak pergi minum ni..."

In case if any of u didnt know what 'buah macang' is, it's a local fruit where it looks exactly like a green mango, but smell is so sharp and horrible... Tastes horrible too... but I dont get how certain people like to eat it...

Oh well, I didnt want Awang to put up a more pathetic acts of begging, so I took the plastic bag full of buah macangs and meehun kering and gave him... urmm... RM3.00...

"Terima kasih Kecik... urmm... aku ada syiling 70 sen... boleh tukar dengan duit kertas RM1 tak?"

Haih... Okey la... Okey la...

"Terima kasih Kecik! Terima Kasih!!"

Shit... Dad would kill me if he know I gave money to a drug addict... Must, hide, the, macangs... I wrapped the macangs into two plastic bags to hide out the smell coz the smell was freakin horrible and strong!

But, two days later, my mom found them under a pile of boxes... She followed the smell...
Kantoi... :-P

I told me parents about what happened (except the part that I gave Awang the money... They thought he gave the macangs and meehun for free... Yeah right!!)... Then, they told me that Awang was actually hiding from the policemen because his own father was noble enough to make a report regarding his involvement with drugs... So where did Awang hide? no other places than his own backyard... Apparently, the policemen never tried to search for him in his backyard...

A friendly neighbor felt pity on him for spending 2 days hiding without food and so she gave him the buah macangs and meehun kering for him to eat... But what did he do? He sold them to me for RM3... I wouldnt blame him though... Who would want to eat those yukky Macangs? and the meehun kering, a.k.a meehun-yang-belum-dimasak, how he could manage to cook it? He was on the run without any particular cooking gear!! Haih~~


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  1. Macang! Or is it the same fruit as Bachang??

    When I was a school kid, eating macang under the tree in front of my school was unforgettable moment...especially sweet, yellowish macang.. just used the teeth to peel of the skin..

    Oh, and aper jadi kat mihoon tu?

  2. OHMYGOD Pami.. Bersubahat dgn junkie!

    Naughty naughty!

  3. huishh....x besyukur betoi mamat tuh...

  4. buah mcang aka bacang bestla....

    buat air pn best..

    its smell isnot that horrible too