Can the TV people see us?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can the people in televisions see us? I mean through the screens... I've been asking this question since I was darjah 4 where something kinda odd happened while I was watching KFC Hour on TV2 one morning...

I was sitting alone on a long couch in front of the TV with a boring look on my face coz this show really sucked... the hosts are finally getting to a segment where they showed all of the winning drawing of a drawing contest... then, once they finished showing the last drawing...

"Ya, tahniah diucapkan kepada semua pemenang... yang tak menang tu, jangan monyok2, cuba lagi minggu depan ya... eh, kenapa dengan adik tu? Muka monyok sangat... tak menang ke?"

I responded to the question by looking at my back, as if they were actually talking to the person behind me (which is nobody...)

"Adik tu la... Yang baju merah tu..."

I responded again by doing the same thing...

"Ish!! Adik yang tengah duduk atas kerusi panjang tu!!"

Baju merah? Kerusi panjang? Are they really referring to me? I pointed a finger to myself with a are-you-talking-to-me kinda look...

"Haa!! betuL! adik la! Kenapa monyok ni? Tak menang ke?"

I nodded my head with disbelief

"ala, siannya... nanti try lagi k? Alright, mari kita saksikan kartun seterusnya... Enjoy ya!"

I hopped off the couch and ran to my mother who was planting kangkung at the backyard... Ma! tadi orang dalam TV tu bercakap dengan Ami!! My mom just gave me the have-you-been-drinkin? or are-you-on-drugs? kinda look...

then, next week, I made small banner using a cardboard and a marker pen... I wrote YOUR SHOW SUCKS!! WE WANT SOMETHING ELSE!! and flashed it to the screen, hoping that the hosts could read it and end the boring show so that an hour of my precious free time wouldn't be wasted... but no response after that...


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  1. hahahahha honestly if that were to happen to me, i'd freak out. scarrryyy!

  2. aku dulu salu nak aje masuk skrin tv tu, saket ati bile otromen kalah ngn rasakse..

  3. never do something naughty in front of a live television show... (just in case)