I wanna make colours...

Friday, May 01, 2009

Reading Najwa's latest blog entry ("art show") has brought out the vicious desire in me to draw and paint... It made me wonder, "aku dah salah amek course ke? kenapa aku amek TESL ha? kenapa aku tak amek Art & Design? Photography ke... "

and it made me feel...
I dont know...

I have this feeling...
the feeling u've spent years and years of effort
to work on something
but lastly u found out that u really desire for something else...

browsing deviantart.com
reading National Geographic Magazine in the library
I can see thousands of paintings and photos
that just makes me wanna drool

I long to create masterpieces
something that I can stare for hours
maybe days
while saying
"I made this..."

Leave TESL?
No way
I'm in too deep now
I will finish it

and then someday in the future
I'll learn how to paint!!


another pretty messed up thought of mine...



One of my creative attempt using the touch pad of my laptop...
Still got far mile to go huh?

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  1. aku suka lukisan itu ~ macam ade sesuatu yang sedang memasak rojak

    pstu aku nmpak seorang ibu sedang menyusukan anak lelaki beliau.

    hmmm ~ aku tak gila

  2. now that explains your fetish with National Geographic magazine.

    All this while i thought you like the articles in it or somethg.


  3. ibu menyusukan anak lelaki??



    hmm... yeah ridhwan, I like those pictures of people and nature...
    full of life...

  4. saye nmpak cinta

    nampak perut yang kekenyangan

    muke yg berjerawat (ke chicken pox)

    and ade yg ala2 gmbr kaki yg slalu ade kt ats kotak rokok zmn skg..

    anyway, u can always make this as ur hobby u know... not a regular hobby, a hobby that u will put commitment and effort to it.. anyways, i once had the same feeling too..

  5. after tesl...thinking to do degree in music pula la...
    sumting that i like...sumting that i love....