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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

(Takde kena mengena dengan Alief, Yati mahupun Fina...)

In Terengganu I watched American Idol on StarWOrld...
as soon as I heard Adam Lambert singing his own version of country music
I had this vibe inside of me
it's like his voice and the lyrics pierced through my soul...
gave me a shivery feeling

These Idol contestants are talented...

I like ALexis Grace
She has this "Christina Aguilera" kinda style...

However, when I was forced to watch Akademi FAntasia with the whole family,
I was like
"What the Heck??"
No vibe
No piercing of voice and whatsoever

There was Just an annoyed kinda feeling

They were like dancing aimlessly
and singing like they're in a karaoke box in OCeaN...

The judges were also dumb

I would rather see Simon bashing my favorite Idol than watching them give comments


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