Icky White Stuff...

Friday, February 20, 2009

While it takes me only seconds to finish up Subaidah's iced Milo
It took me forever to finish up this small packet of full cream milk

Tak sedap...
Apa yang sedapnya?
Takde rasa pun...


I remember how wasteful it is for my kindergarten teachers
to give me tons and tons of milk powder for free
coz I never drink a single dust of it...
My just threw it away...

Maybe that's why I'm not that tall


and never ever give my girl milk
or any dairy products
they are like poison for her
she's allergic

So, in order to replace milk
she drinks Soy Milk instead

it can be considered as an alternative
for milk
coz it contains rich protein, vitamins A, B1, B2, and all sorts of other minerals making it as equally good and nutritious as milk

most important is
it tastes good
way better than milk

Soy milk is known to contain a high level of isoflavones
which is something kinda similar to the hormone estrogen

So, it is said that
if guys drink it,
they will got themselves
a nice pair of boobs
Shing~ Shing~ (sound of boobs flashing)


But Guys...
its okey to drink if you're planning on getting a night time job
at somewhere near to Ocean a.k.a Plaza Hang Tuah


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