Balcony Moments~

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"This innocence is brilliant~ I hope that it will stay~
This Moment is perfect~ Please dont go away~
I need you now~ and I'll hold on to it,
please dont let it pass you by~"

Avril Lavigne _ Innocence

How sometimes I wish I can go back to my innocence
Where money wont matter
Style dont matter
Weigh and appearance wont matter at all

What matters are just enough time to play
Enough food to eat (vegetables and milk are not included)
Enough TV

Everybody's feeling can go to hell
Everybody's thoughts about me can go down the toilet

I can live in my own world...

Sigh~ How relaxing it will be
Sigh~ How pleasant it will be

But I cant go back now~
Even if I can invent a clock ticking backwards
Time wont come back to me
and all I've lost
Shall be lost forever~

Therefore I must adapt
I shall be a friend - coz friends are important, to keep you sane and lively and well supported
I shall be a lover - and spread love to gain love back
I shall be responsible - as many will be depending on me
I shall be a worker - to gain respect and money for a living
I shall be a hypocrite - and please everybody even if I dont want to coz I need to
I shall be this
I shall be that

Adapt I will...
Adapt I will...

Then I'll be happy
though not fully...



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